The Pediatrics Department providing outstanding care for our patients conducting heading Edge, Collaboration Research, Educating the next generations of pediatrician, your vision is our focus. The pead’s department in dedicated to providing the highest medical quality and comprehensive care to the children.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide outdoor and indoor facilities for poor and needy patients to free of cost throughout year
  • Enhance comprehensive neonatal care on 24-hour basis in the form newborn checkup, neonatal resuscitation.
  • Provision 24hr emergency care to all pediatrics patient.
  • To educate mothers about importance of breast feeding & cpeanlinen preparation of food, prevention of diarrhea and communicable disease (like measles, chicken pox, T.B etc.)
  • Educate the parents to prevent malnutrition by breast feeding & proper weaning.
  • Treat the malnourished children in stabilization center.
  • To provide facilities of vaccination in hospital, and motivate the health professionals, parents regarding importance of vaccination, because “Prevention is better than care”.
  • To conduct neonatal resuscitation workshops for nurses, doctors of peads and gynae.

Future Plans

  • MSDS training Accreditation.
  • Central Air Conditioning and Heating System.
  • Central Oxygen supply with barometers.
  • Increase number of beds.
  • Establishment of paediatric emergency (Full resuscitation faculty equipped with tools).
  • Increase Human Resource (Doctors and Staff).
  • Separate Neonatal Tetanus Room.
  • To establish neo-natal intensive care unit.