Finance and Budgeting

Finance and Budgeting Department of THQ Hospital Daska is providing its best services for the welfare of general public and budgeting process of salary and non-salary related matters. It utilizes its funds for the welfare of general public. Process of salary related matters of doctors, nurses and all the contingent staff of the THQ Hospital Daska is being handled by this department.

Aims and Objectives

  • Handling of all financial matters of hospital
  • Petty cash handling
  • Preparation of budget
  • Budget review
  • Maintenance of accounts and record
  • Any other function assigned by AMR HR & Finance/MS/P&SHD
  • Smooth conduct and completion of all types of audit in hospital
  •  Pre-audit of all Payments
  • Liaison with external audit teams
  • Preparation of replies of audit paras, working paper for Department Accounts committee, Special Departmental accounts committee & Public Accounts committee meetings
  • Development of SOPs for finance, budget, procurement as per Government rules & regulations
  • Any other function assigned by AMS HR& Finance /MS/P&SHD

Future Plans

To make the process of finance and budgeting more efficient.