Radiology department established in Hospital, Dr. Imran Bashir (Consultant Radiologist) is the head of department.


  • Diagnostic X-Rays (24 Hours)
  • Dental X-Rays (24 Hours)
  • Ultrasound (OPD)


  • X-ray should be advised by clinician to avoid un-necessary radiation exposure.
  • X-ray request form should be submitted with brief history.
  • Rs 15 will be charged per film.
  • Free x-ray will be allowed only by medical superintendent.
  • Radiographer will take all steps to avoid un-necessary exposure to patients and attendants.
  • Emergency and indoor x-ray will be entertained free of cost.
  • MSDS indicators should followed by all the staff of department.
  • Radiation protection plan should be followed by all staff members of department.

Equipment in Use

  • Toshiba X-ray machine 630mA (1)
  • Siemens X-ray machine 200mA (1)
  • FONA 200 mA dental X-ray machine (1)
  • TXR 200 mA X-ray machine (1)
  • Automatic X-ray processor (1)

Future Plans

  • Radilogy Modalities like digital X-rays ,CT-scan should be stared for better patient care.

Best Description

We are doing diagnostic X-rays 24/7 with maximum quality assurance and radiation protection plan according to Pakistan nuclear regulatory authority and MSDS by Healthcare commission.