Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences at THQ Hospital Daska and thank you for your interest in our department. Department is rendering its services a THQ Hospital Daska for long time, for last 2 decades. Dr Zeeshan Cheema is the head of department.


Main Services rendered at hospital are,

  • OPD Examination
  • Treatment of common ophthalmic ailments
  • Treatment of different eye infection
  • Subjective correction of refractive errors.
  • Playing its part in creating public awareness about different communicable eye diseases.
  • Referral of patients to tertiary care hospital for in time management.
  • Removal of foreign bodies from eye.


  • Patient comes in OPD, Get token and OPD slip form counter.
  • Vitals are checked by the staff and noted.
  • Patient enters into eye department and assistant enters the details in register.
  • Ophthalmic technician check the visual activity and note it down on OPD slip.
  • Consultant Ophthalmologist examine the patient. Note down the diagnoses. Prescribe the eye drop and medication .
  • In aces of refraction required, he refers the patient to optometrist .
  • In case of emergency patient refer to tertiary care hospital.
  • Optometrist examine the patient and given the number of Glasses after subjective refraction. he also explain the care of glasses and importance of regular follow up.


Equipment in use given below

  • Slit Lamp (partially functional)
  • Swellon’s chart
  • Trial box
  • Operating microscope (partially functional)

Future Plans

Starting the surgical procedures when operation theatre is revamped and equipment for OT is available.

Provision of following equipment in OPD

  • Auto refractometer
  • Tonometer
  • Air scan
  • Retina scope
  • Slit , 90-D, 78-D Lamp
  • Kerato meter

Provision of following equipment in OT

  • Cataract Surgery instruments set
  • Probing/syringing instruments set
  • Operating microscope
  • Operating Table

Best Description

We are providing maximum possible services to the patients of the area within available resources both equipment and human resources.