Admin Department

The attention of administration department of THQ Hospital Daska is to guarantee the facility is running competently and in compliance within the territory of hospital policies and government regulations. This includes policy development, clinical presentation and non-clinical presentation.The pressure, hours, and assignment related with hospital administration vary liable upon the matters of the day. However, the day-to-day actions of the facility are vital to its success. The administrative team must stay attentive on the delivery of state-of-the-art healthcare while looking to progress future technology at the facility.


  • Preparation of PC – 1 and other planning documents
  • Establishment of Communication Systems within health facility and with other government departments
  • Plan, direct and oversee administrative operations
  • Completes Special Projects by Organizing and coordinating
  • Admission of Dispensary class students for each academic year.
  • Outsourced Services Contract enforcement (i.e. Janitorial Services, Security & Parking Services, MEP, Horticulture Services, Generator Maintenance and Laundry Services)
  • Stores Management
  • Imposition of fines if contracts are breached or not fully complied with
  • Hospital Transport Management
  • Daily Check Lists (Stock, Cleanliness and Generator Maintenance)
  • Management of Civil works in coordination with the procurement department
  •  Housekeeping should be checked & highest standards should be kept
  • Planning of fire & non-fire emergencies
  • Ensure the easiness of Hospital employees as well as patient’s affairs.

Future Plan

  • State-of-the-art healthcare fecilities while looking to progress future technology at the facility.