IT & Statistical Department

IT & Statistical Department is established at THQ Hospital,Daska as a part of Government of Punjab initiative to digitalize hospitals and empowering reporting centrally in efficient and prompt manner.  IT Department at THQ Hospital, Daska is playing pivotal role in information age. From Biometric Attendance and Roster Management to Prescription Management Information System (PMIS), there are numerous portals running under IT Cell. These portals include:


  • Disease Surveillance System (DSS)
  • Patient Referral and Descendent Management
  • Medicine and Equipment Inventory
  • Citizen Feedback Monitoring System (CFMS)
  • Complaint Management System 
  • Equipment Management System
  • MLC web Portal
  • TB Control Web Portal
  • PSPU online employees performance
  • Hospital Website
  • Linde GAS webportal
  • NCD web Portal
  • ISA Android Mobile Application 
  • Beside these portals, Control Room for CCTV Surveillance is also working under IT Department
  • Handling/Managing Multi-media and conference room
  • Trainging of different web-portals and mobile applications to the concerned staff
  • Trouble shooting Networking and internet related issues
  • IT Department is also generating statistical reports 
  • IT department is doing data analysis and generating employee’s KPI
  • At the end of every month DHIS, a comprehensive statistical report is generated for by IT Department

Future Plans

We intend to go paperless and give our employee best working environment.