Human Resource & Legal Department

Working was being done previously in un-organized manner but it took the shape of the department as HR & Legal officer was appointed at this hospital dated 21-02-2017


  • Issuance of monthly Duty rosters and special duty roster of Eid, Muharram etc of all clinical & non clinical in hospital.
  • Issuance of Transfer/Posting  orders within hospital.
  • Taking Joining from new incumbents and charge relieving orders of relinquishing officials.
  • File maintenance of all employees of hospital.
  • Leave record of employees.
  • Record of all enquires of employees of hospital.
  • Adjustment of officials on duty during leave of concerned employee
  • Any other HR related function assigned by NMS,HR,Finance, MS and P&SHD
  • Responsible to take care of litigation/legal issues of hospital (shall ensure all court cases are well attended and all legal matters of hospital are well taken care of.)
  • All of the working is done by HR & Legal Officer but signatory authority is Medical Superintendent  of this hospital
  • All Legal and codel formalities are fulfilled and every task is done with the celebration of the MS and all administration tea.

Future Plan

  • We intend to go paperless and give our employee best working environment.